Less Energy. Less Greenhouse Gas. Happy Planet.

  • Water Logic coolers reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by 98%, compared with bottled water.  This is a result of eliminating bottle manufacturing, bottling, storage, distribution, delivery, removal, recycling, and dumping of empty bottles.
  • Water Logic coolers cut energy usage by 65% compared with regular water coolers.
  • Americans used 50 billion (yes – billion with a “b”) plastic water bottles last year.  That’s 167 for every person in the United States. But that doesn’t include Merus Water Systems clients, who use zero with our water coolers.

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The  MAX™ is specifically designed for high-traffic use. It provides over 13 gallons of drinking water storage and the automatic refill system provides a continuous supply of pure water. With this POU water treatment system, you can stop changing bottles or housing multiple water coolers in your high use areas.